Kali 6 web

Not just a goddess of death and destruction, Kali is also the benevolent dark mother, the centre of the universe who we all travel back to. It was important for me to get feet and footprints in the painting as they feature repeatedly in the poems of the mystic Ramprasad which influenced this depiction.
She is self-arising – emerging out of the brow of Durga, the goddess in her triumphant form. In her form as Kali she cuts away inner demons and deceptions. The name Kali itself means ‘black’ and she is also widely believed to represent time and the ending of it. Here her eyes are the sun, moon, and mystical fire of the third eye.
(Copyright Nic Phillips 2017 Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40 in)

Available as a print or card on Etsy

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