Queering Isis

Everyone deserves to see themselves within the Divine and see the Divine within themselves. That is the driving force behind this series of paintings, ‘Queering Deities’. Third in this series is ‘Queering Isis’, posed for by Judèé Époh-Éèduj Hopè, a Trans Female/Non-Binary person. Judèé says:“Isis resonates with me most and in particular to the eternal bird spirit which resides within me. I have recently felt especially connected to Isis after becoming more familiar with teachings of her as part of my journey of getting to know my own inner Goddess through learning about our ancestral Goddesses that influence lives in realms of the past as well as continuing to influence lives in the present and future realms too.In finding Isis I have also found the true Goddess of all Goddesses and in her presence as a being considered as a bird Goddess and giver of live and of resurrection that gave restored life in me after three near-death drowning experiences.Isis has also helped to give me a greater sense of credence in being able to attribute the sense of the eternal bird spirit within me which I have been getting to know more increasingly and most noticeably in the past few years after a lifetime of what I can best describe as a persistent spiritual nagging that has felt a greater sense of appeasement and presence since I took measures to become the whole feminine being and presence in the physical self through allowing the inner self to guide me to its true and authentic calling as the female bird of prey spirit in the human form.I also feel that Isis intended for me to know the sense of eternal life and the sense of the eternal bird spirit within me so that I could share that with others in the hope that they would be able to grasp the concept that the mortal life of being a human is merely a temporary state of being.”

Image copyright Nic Phillips 2021

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